How to choose sectional control valve


How important is a directional control valve? In fact, in the hydraulic system, the directional control valve can be said to be one of the most core key parts. The directional control valve controls and adjusts the liquid pressure, flow direction and flow rate required by the hydraulic system to meet the requirements of the actuator to overcome external loads, change the movement direction and movement speed. The directional control valve uses the relative movement of the valve core in the valve body to control the on-off of the valve port and the control of the size, actual pressure, flow and direction of the valve port. The flow through the valve port is related to the pressure difference before and after the valve port and the valve port area, which always satisfies the pressure flow equation. Whether the lining acting on the spool is balanced requires specific analysis. In this article, I will introduce you how to choose a good quality sectional control valve that meets your needs.


First of all, when choosing a sectional control valve, you can use the following points as a reference standard.


1. Sensitive, reliable in use, less impact and vibration when working.


2. When the valve port is fully open, the pressure loss of the liquid flow is small; when the valve port is closed, the sealing performance is better.


3. The controlled parameters should be stable, and the amount of change should be small when it is disturbed by the outside world


4. Compact structure, convenient installation, adjustment, maintenance, and maintenance, and better general performance.


If a sectional control valve can meet the above standards, it must be a product with excellent performance, and you can buy it with confidence.


However, the products on the market are often mixed, and for a person who does not know much about control valves, it is easy to buy a product that is not suitable and the quality is not very good. At this time, it is especially important to have a trustworthy company. If you don’t know which company to buy sectional control valve from, my recommendation is Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the production of hydraulic products for more than ten years, and has rich production experience. The sectional control valve produced by Hanjiu Technology It has a series of advantages such as compact structure, sensitivity and high efficiency. Their segmented valves offer selective methods of operation including manual, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and pneumatic controls, providing high quality and high precision segmented directional control valves for all customer needs. If you have other unique requirements, you can also contact the company for special customization. Hanjiu's professional R&D team can meet all your needs. Best of all, you can get it all for a fraction of the price. If you want to know more detailed information, you can visit the official website of Hanjiu Technology Company


That's all for today's sharing. I wish you an early purchase of the products you like.


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