How to maintain the hydraulic valve


Hydraulic control valve refers to the components used to control the pressure, flow and direction of the liquid in the hydraulic transmission system or hydraulic control system. Among them, the pressure control valve is called the pressure control valve, the flow control valve is called the flow control valve, and the flow control valve is called the directional control valve.

Hydraulic multi-way valves are widely used in modern machinery, such as loaders, tractors, road rollers, forklifts, aerial work platforms, dump trucks and other agricultural machinery, forestry, mining, garden machinery, etc.
The daily maintenance of the hydraulic multi-way valve is also very important.
So what if the multi-way valve is maintained?
1) Appearance: Whether there is obvious damage to the multi-way valve.

2) Circuit: Whether the multi-way valve is short-circuited or disconnected, and the contact is poor.

3) Pressure setting: Whether the multi-way valve has an excessive deviation in the setting value.

4) Parts and accessories: Whether the parts of the multi-way valve are missing or removed.

 5) Action: Rotate the start button to the backwash state to see if the motor operates normally and the position is correct (make sure there is no problem with the above items)

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chief p40 valve

p40 monoblock valve

badestnost p80 valve

joystick loader control valve

joystick air control valve

joystick directional control valve

joysticks control valve

hydraulic manual directional valve

hydraulic solenoid directional valve

hydraulic proportional directional valve

hydraulic pilot operated directional valve

hydraulic bi-directional valve

hydraulic motor directional valve

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