Hydraulic components for Ship/Marine equipments


On board, hydraulic management is a guarantee of strength, flexibility and robustness. Many professional materials are supplied by the hydraulic energy on board. HANJIU  helps you to make the right choice for hydraulic motors,orbitrols steering units,hydraulic directional valves and also maintenance solutions. The on-board hydraulic factor is important in the performance and the longevity of your equipment. When you use the hydraulic components for your marine equipment, such as ,
Anchor winch / Windlass
Boat lift
Deck cranes
Deck machinery
Harbour cranes
Life boats winches / Davits
Mooring winch
Rail mounted gantry cranes
Ship lifting system
Ship loader/unloader
Trawling winches

you need to think about the suitable hydraulic products, 
tank size and filtration are also elements you need to consider because if oversized, it could improve the productivity and the lifespan of your equipment. The HANJIU team will help you to find the best solution for your boat machines.


 char-lynn motor

danfoss orbit motor

parker motor

ross torqmotors

gerotor hydraulic motor

directional control valve

marine manual valve

ship steering systems

boat orbitrol 

disc valve hydraulic motors

boat hydraulic systems

marine hydraulic maintenance

ship hydraulic repair

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