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Whether a reliable and excellent OEM can be found is very important for a brand or an individual, because it is directly related to the reputation of the service or product provided. Hydraulic motors are fine products, and it is necessary to choose reliable manufacturers. In the process of specializing in hydraulic product suppliers, Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. has cooperated with customers in many countries and provided customized services for some dealers. It has received a lot of positive feedback. feedback. Affordable, high-quality hydraulic products are the foundation of our success.


Take the hydraulic motor, one of Hanjiu’s main products, as an example. Our hydraulic motors not only meet the regulations, but also pursue higher quality products. The benchmarks are some well-known brands that are widely recognized in the world. For example, the BMS series hydraulic motor, which is a hot-selling product of Hanjiu, adopts the advanced design of the valve plate gear set, and can also provide a separate variant for the device in multi-functional operation. Among them, Geroler gear sets adopt advanced manufacturing equipment, low starting pressure, which can provide smooth operation, and they are reliable and efficient in real use. The output shaft of the BMS is suitable for tapered roller bearings that allow high axial and radial forces, and the motor can provide high pressure and high torque capabilities in this case, suitable for vehicles with greater load and pressure drop, so that it can be more widely used. Equipped with an advanced disc distribution flow design, it can automatically compensate when the flow is large, greatly increasing the service life of the hydraulic motor.


The BMS series motors are just the tip of the iceberg of HanJiu factory products. We also have a large number of hydraulic motors that can be used instead of big brands. Enjoying the same quality at a lower price is the program of the hanjiu brand. We always insist on production and cooperation. The service is better, more friends are welcome to come to cooperate, and friends who are interested in cooperation are also welcome to visit the factory.


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