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No matter what kind of mechanical products you buy, the parameters must be the most important thing to pay attention to. Hanjiu has a complete range of hydraulic motors with many specifications, and motors of the same level also have many different parameters, so when purchasing in bulk, you need to pay more attention to determine the model you need in advance to prevent buying the wrong product.


So what performance do the parameters of the motor correspond to? Let's understand some of the parameters below. There are three main performance parameters of hydraulic motors: displacement, flow and volumetric efficiency. Usually, the shaft of the motor rotates one revolution, and the volume of the liquid that enters is calculated according to the geometric size, which is called the displacement V of the motor, sometimes called the geometric displacement and the theoretical displacement, that is to say, the displacement when the written parameters do not include leakage loss quantity. Therefore, the displacement of the hydraulic motor indicates the size of its working cavity, which is an important parameter. Because the torque output by the hydraulic motor during work is determined by the load torque. However, when pushing a load of the same size, the pressure of a motor with a large working cavity is lower than that of a motor with a small working cavity. Therefore, the size of the working cavity is the main indicator of the working capacity of the hydraulic motor, which means, The size of the displacement is an important indicator of the working capacity of the hydraulic motor. The starting mechanical efficiency of a hydraulic motor is an indicator of its starting performance. Because under the same pressure, the output torque of the hydraulic motor from standstill to starting to rotate is larger than the torque in operation, which makes it difficult for the hydraulic motor to start with load, so the starting performance is very important for the hydraulic motor Yes, the starting mechanical efficiency can just reflect the level of its starting performance. The reason for the decrease of the starting torque is, on the one hand, that the friction coefficient is the largest in the static state, and the friction coefficient is obviously reduced after the relative sliding of the friction surface. drop, basically turning into dry rubbing. Once the motor starts to move, the frictional resistance drops immediately as the lubricating oil film builds up, and decreases as the sliding speed increases and the oil film thickens.


Seeing this, you should have a deeper understanding of the parameter of displacement. If you have other hydraulic-related questions during the purchasing process, please contact our professional customer service staff. Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. has been rooted in the hydraulic industry for more than ten years. There are various high-quality and low-priced products such as hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, and valves for you to choose from.



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