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We know that directional control valves are manufactured on the most modern equipment and tested in all manufacturing cycles, starting with checking the quality of the casting housing and the gap between a pair of casing spools. High-precision spool manufacturing provides "zero leakage" during working pressure and minimal pressure drop when switching the position of the spool relative to the neutral position. The technical and design departments use high quality (hydraulic cast iron) and unique precision in the manufacture of each unit distributor, resulting in high performance and minimal steam leakage. 

During use, attention should be paid to the oil leakage of the lever control valve. There are four main parts of oil leakage of the lever hydraulic control valve: first, the oil leakage at the joint surface of the hydraulic lever control valve itself and the bolt hole seal; The second is the oil leakage of the hydraulic lever control valve stem and valve sleeve; The third is the leakage of the quick coupling installed on the lever control valve, and the gasket on the joint surface of the quick coupling and the hydraulic lever control valve leaks oil; Fourth, hydraulic lever control valve joint installation surface gasket, oil inlet, oil outlet pipe oil leakage. Only by knowing the cause of the oil leak will you have the right way to repair the lever hydraulic control valve. When encountering related problems, if there is an experienced product after-sales, it will be twice as effective for solving the problem. Speaking of after-sales service, I have to introduce Hanjiu Technology Company to everyone. 

The most important thing for a company is to maintain its customers. The customer, as God, is vital to every company. Therefore, Mr. Han, the founder of Hanjiu Technology Company, will give a special introduction to after-sales service and provide rich after-sales service resources. Let every consumer not have to worry about after-sales problems, so that they can buy and use with confidence. In addition to after-sales issues, Mr. Han also cares about customer satisfaction. Quarterly satisfaction surveys are published and gifts are given to customers who provide useful opinions. This has the effect of motivating answering questions and getting the most authentic questionnaires. In order to better understand the needs of customers. Mr. Han also regularly visits or consults customers for product opinions and other product requirements. After each consultation, we have people record them one by one and propose and communicate the design in the next development. 

Hanjiu Technology has about 200 professionals from different fields in China, responsible for production, product development and service. The company is acutely aware of the importance of dedicated, motivated and competent employees who can never be completely replaced by production automation. Under the leadership of such a scientific decision-making and far-sighted leader, the company's future must be bright. Cooperation with our company, we will definitely live up to your trust, will definitely bring you the best cooperation experience. 
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