What Is Directional Control Valve


If you are a manufacturer, I am sure you are no stranger to hydraulic components, hydraulic systems are a temptation that no manufacturer can resist. Who wouldn't love a hydraulics with high efficiency and endurance compared to traditional operating systems that run slowly and have erratic performance? Especially in the core area of hydraulic system technology that needs to be used in heavy industry, the speed of the hydraulic system determines the overall operating level. 


Speaking of hydraulic directional control valves, I believe everyone must be familiar. It can be said that it plays a very important role in the hydraulic system. Why do hydraulic systems need hydraulic directional control valves? What is a hydraulic directional control valve? Why is it important? The proper operation of the hydraulic system requires the perfect coordination of the components. Hydraulic directional control valves are one of the most important components and cannot be ignored. It can control the commutation, start and stop of the actuator by controlling the oil on and off in the oil circuit. Therefore, the importance of hydraulic directional control valves can be imagined. To put it simply, the hydraulic directional control valve uses the change of the relative position between the valve core and the valve body to realize the connection and disconnection of some oil circuits inside the valve body, and meets the requirements of the hydraulic system for the normal operation of each reversing function through frequent conversion. Directional control valve, referred to as directional valve, is mainly used to turn on and off the oil circuit or switch the direction of the oil flow to meet the requirements for the start, stop and movement direction of the actuator. According to their use, it can be divided into two categories: check valves and directional valves. 


If you want your hydraulic system to perform at its best, you must have a high-quality hydraulic directional valve. The best quality of the hydraulic directional valve brand on the market now is, of course, our Hanjiu Technology. The hydraulic directional valve produced by Hanjiu Technology is the most cost-effective on the market at present. You can buy the most powerful hydraulic directional valve at a relatively affordable price. Why Hanjiu Technology is so popular, the product is of course the primary factor. The hydraulic motors, hydraulic directional control valves, and hydraulic steering devices produced and sold by Hanjiu Technology are the preferred products of many companies at present. The reason why Hanjiu Technology occupies a pivotal position among many hydraulic component manufacturers is closely related to its product quality. Hanjiu Technology's products are currently incomparable homogenized products on the market. We break homogeneity. , committed to developing more innovative, competitive and well-known products. 


Hanjiu Technology is currently the leader in the hydraulic components market in China. It is not only competitive in the domestic market, but also attracts the trust of a large number of overseas users. In the past 10 years of operation, it has been based on high-quality products and perfect after-sales service system. At the forefront of the industry, it can be said that Hanjiu Technology is becoming one of the most extensive and in-depth hydraulic brands in the world, standing out among similar products. Hanjiu Technology, the high quality is beyond your imagination! 


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