hydraulic directional valve symbols


As one of the directional control valves, the reversing valve changes the direction of the liquid flow by changing the relative position between the valve body and the valve core to connect and cut off each oil circuit connected to the valve body. Before using the reversing valve, if you are familiar with the symbols corresponding to the directional control valve, you can be familiar with the application process. The following are the symbols corresponding to the directional control valves commonly used in daily life.


In addition, when using the reversing valve, there are two points you need to pay attention to:


(1) The reversing valve cannot be reversed or the reversing action is slow. The hydraulic control valve is generally caused by poor lubrication, stuck or damaged springs, oil or impurities stuck on the sliding part, etc. In this regard, you should first check whether the lubricator works normally: whether the viscosity of the lubricating oil is appropriate. If necessary, replace the lubricating oil, clean the sliding part of the reversing valve, low temperature valve or replace the spring and reversing valve.

(2) After the reversing valve is used for a long time, the valve core sealing ring is prone to wear and the valve stem and valve seat are damaged, resulting in the leakage of gas in the valve, the slow movement of the valve or the failure of normal reversing. At this time, the sealing ring, valve stem and valve seat should be replaced, or the reversing valve should be replaced.


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