Hydraulic gear pump replacement should pay attention to the problem


1, hydraulic gear pump does not immediately add to the load after starting: Hydraulic gear pump to be carried out after starting a period of no-load idling (about 10 minutes to 30 minutes), especially when the temperature is very low, the temperature must be the vehicle process, the hydraulic circuit Circulation normal plus load, and confirm the operation condition.

 2, pay attention to the noise of hydraulic gear pump: The new hydraulic gear pump less initial wear and tear, easy to be affected by bubbles and dust, poor lubrication or high conditions of service conditions, such as overload, will cause adverse consequences, the hydraulic gear pump abnormal influences.

3, pay attention to observe the mechanical action (for the modified pump): improper hydraulic circuit design or component manufacturing poor, the initial use of the stage is not easy to find, it should pay special attention to the operating conditions revealed in various conditions.

4, pay attention to check the display value of the meter class: at any time to observe the pressure gauge shows the value of the hydraulic circuit, pressure switch lights and other vibration conditions and stability to early detection of the role of the hydraulic circuit is normal.

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