Hydraulic station working principle?


The hydraulic station is an important hydraulic control unit in the hydraulic control system. The hydraulic station mainly consists of a piston pump, a cooling pump system, a filter, a two-way reversing valve, an electromagnetic spill valve, a pressure gauge, a pressure sensor, Stop valve, relief valve, thermostat, heater, manual ball valve, disc brake, accumulator, remote thermostat, proportional control valve, globe valve, oil level relay and so on. How the hydraulic station works The hydraulic pump consists of a shaft-mounted variable displacement pump with overload protection and a single-speed motor, which is used to apply pressure to the hydraulic control unit. The accumulator reaches its maximum pressure (Pmax = 14.5 MPa) when it is released. After the slack gate is completed, the hydraulic pump need only provide the pressure to compensate for the system's energy loss. Variable hydraulic pump automatically reduce the flow output, and maintain system pressure Pmax. ABB hydraulic station in order to achieve constant deceleration braking to meet the braking requirements, the pressure of each valve set in accordance with the requirements.

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