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The hydraulic motor, also known as the oil motor, is an actuator of the hydraulic system, which can convert the hydraulic pressure energy provided by the hydraulic pump into the mechanical energy (torque or speed) of its output shaft. It has many advantages such as simple structure, good manufacturability, insensitivity to oil pollution, impact resistance and low inertia, etc. It is widely used in injection molding machinery, marine machinery, hoists, construction machinery, construction machinery, coal mining machinery, mining machinery, metallurgy Machinery, petrochemical and port machinery, etc.


In terms of classification, hydraulic motors can be divided into three classification standards: structure type, rated speed and working mechanism: radial piston motor, axial piston motor, axial ball piston motor, inclined axis piston motor, swash plate type piston motor, double swash plate type piston motor, low speed hydraulic motor, radial piston motor, link type hydraulic motor, no link type hydraulic motor, swing cylinder type hydraulic motor, ball type hydraulic motor, vane type motor And gear hydraulic motors. For different hydraulic motors, the basis and methods of their fault diagnosis are different. This article will focus on the "cycloid motor" widely used in construction machinery, petrochemical machinery, marine machinery, light industrial machinery and other equipment.


The cycloidal motor is a low-speed, medium-torque, multi-action hydraulic motor. Its structure is composed of an internal meshing cycloidal pin-post planetary transmission structure with one-to-one tooth difference. It adopts the principle of one-tooth difference planetary reducer, so it can be seen It is a low-speed and high-torque hydraulic component composed of a high-speed hydraulic motor and a reduction mechanism.


As a commonly used hydraulic mechanical component, failure problems are inevitable. We will share its maintenance experience for three common failure situations.


(1) The motor is incapable of running


 ①Check whether the stator and rotor are too loosely matched. Since the internal parts of the motor are in a state of friction with each other, if the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system is too poor, it will accelerate the wear of the internal parts of the motor. When the needle teeth in the stator body exceed a certain limit, the internal gap of the stator body pairing will become larger, and the normal oil sealing effect cannot be achieved, which may cause further internal leakage problems. The symptom is that the motor runs normally under no load. , but the sound is louder than normal, and it will be weak or run slowly under load. The solution is to replace the needle teeth with a slightly larger outer diameter (such as a cylinder);


② Check whether the internal leakage is accelerated due to wear between the output shaft and the casing hole - the main reason for this failure is that the hydraulic oil is not pure enough and contains certain impurities, which causes grooves to be ground inside the casing, thereby increasing the internal leakage. Large makes the motor weak, the solution is to replace the housing in time or re-pair the whole.


(2) The speed decreases and the output torque decreases


①The cycloid motor has no clearance compensation mechanism (except for plane distribution), the rotor and stator are sealed by line contact, and the sealing line in the whole motor is long. When the contact line is damaged or the contact line is pulled, the internal leakage will be larger, resulting in a decrease in volumetric efficiency, a decrease in speed and a decrease in output torque. The solution to this fault is (if the needle wheel stator is selected), consider replacing the needle wheel and research and match it with the rotor;


②The meshing position of the rotor and the stator, as well as the distribution position of the distribution shaft and the body, the consistency of the relative positions of the two has a great influence on the output torque. If the corresponding relationship between the two is mismatched, it means that the distribution accuracy is not high. This will further cause a significant reduction in torsional speed and output torque, and the solution lies in locating these parts and adjusting accordingly.


③The wear of the distribution shaft and the large internal leakage affect the oil distribution accuracy, or because the matching gap between the distribution sleeve and the motor housing hole is too large, which affects the oil distribution accuracy, which may reduce the volumetric efficiency and affect the motor speed and speed. output torque. The solution to this fault is to use electroplating or brush plating to repair to ensure the proper clearance as much as possible.


As a high-precision component, most users do not know the internal working principle of the hydraulic motor, and it is difficult to perform reasonable and correct maintenance activities on the damaged hydraulic motor, let alone most of the replacement parts of the hydraulic motor. All are expensive. If you are also troubled by these problems, let's take a look at the hydraulic motors of Hanjiu!


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