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Hello, everyone, there are very many kinds of hydraulic motors, but the people familiar with the hydraulic field are more or less know some, today I will introduce to you a few series of hydraulic motors from the Hanjiu hydraulic technology company. Hydraulic motors are one of the important product lines of HANJIU technology. After many years of research and development and production, and numerous improvements, many of their motors have made great progress in performance and quality compared to some previous products, because they refuse to homogenize their products.


The BMT series motors have an advanced gear set design, complete with disc shunting and high pressure. Depending on the customer's application needs, the device can provide a separate variant of operational functions. Its typical features are: Geroler gear set using advanced manufacturing equipment, low starting pressure, stable and reliable operation, high efficiency. The output shaft is suitable for conical roller bearings that allow for high axial and radial forces. The ability to provide high pressure and high torque in a wide range of applications. Advanced valve valve flow design can automatically compensate in operation, high volume efficiency, long life, stable and reliable operation. Oms series motor oil motors use cast iron material, which makes them very durable, long life, with a wide range of speed, high starting torque, high speed rotation, smooth, compact and light advantages, so the efficiency is very high, can be directly connected to the work machine, to adapt to a variety of low speed heavy load facilities. The advantage of BMM series motor is its small size, which is also very cheap because it is economical. This series adopts shaft distribution flow design and cycloidal gear set group design, with small volume, high power and low weight. Advanced manufacturing device of cycloid gear set, with high efficiency and long life. The shaft seal can withstand the high pressure of the motor, can be used in parallel or series, advanced structural design makes the motor high power and light weight.


Thank you for seeing here, because there are many types of motors, so that's the first. If you have any needs related to hydraulic motors, please contact Hanjiu Technology, which has rapidly innovated and improved all aspects of its products and services, and has now become one of the very famous hydraulic motor manufacturers in China, and has occupied a good position in the Chinese market. In improving technology at the same time, they also minimize profits, forming price and quality relative advantage, and is committed to develop the most cost-effective hydraulic and other related products on the market, to enhance the market competitiveness of motor, han long technology hydraulic company in line with good faith first, quality first, for the purpose, from staff entry, raw materials into the factory, from parts processing, assembly scheme to products, have relatively perfect product quality system. They are committed to establishing an internationally renowned brand, and we look forward to your becoming the next customer of Hanjiu!


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