hydraulic motor


Hydraulic motors can convert the working pressure of liquid substances into kinetic energy. Through the cooperation of a series of parts, the final energy obtained is very large, and the more outstanding feature is that the weight and volume of the hydraulic system are much smaller than other similar working systems, which greatly facilitates the operation and is more suitable for use in mobile equipment. diverse. In terms of speed change, the hydraulic motor is adjusted by the hydraulic solenoid valve without a unique design, which reduces the cost of use.


The hydraulic motor produced by Hanjiu has strengthened its already excellent physical principle. Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. has specialized in the research of big brand hydraulic motors for many years. It has professional drawings of some brand original factories. The hydraulic motors and other accessories produced can completely replace famous brand products, and the price is favorable. For customers with large orders, Hanjiu has formulated Exclusive preferential policies. Most of Hanjiu's hydraulic motors can also be used safely in dusty, wet, flammable and other environments, and general motors are much more reliable. The anti-overload ability is very strong. With the help of the maintenance of the speed control valve, automatic compensation can be realized. It is easy to repair under certain overload conditions, and it is not easy to damage the equipment, so that the equipment can run smoothly. In addition to the above advantages, Hanjiu's hydraulic transmission motors cover a wider speed range than other types of hydraulic motors with the same torque, and some products can realize infinitely variable speeds in a stable state.


Hanjiu hydraulic motors can be used alternately in series and in parallel in the hydraulic transmission system. The hydraulic motor has a small rotational inertia force and can even be started under load. It can be applied in forward and reverse directions. If you are engaged in agriculture, animal husbandry, aquaculture, light industry Industry, hoisting, transportation, mining, construction machinery and other work fields, then Hanjiu hydraulic motor must be an indispensable good assistant for your work.If you are interested in hydraulic systems, please visit the hanjiu official website to view more useful information.


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