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Hydraulic motors are commonly used tools in industry, but each industry has different requirements for hydraulic motors, so different models of hydraulic motors are required to meet the needs. When selecting the model of hydraulic motor, it is generally screened according to commonly used technical indicators, and the following will explain what are the specific selection bases for high-quality hydraulic motors. 


1. Select according to the flow rate. The flow rate of a hydraulic motor refers to the volume injected in one minute when hydraulic oil is injected into the motor. The flow rate is to measure the value of the hydraulic oil, and the injection of the flow will cause the hidden danger of motor explosion, so when selecting, we must first choose the appropriate hydraulic motor according to the flow rate of the hydraulic oil. 


2. Select according to pressure. Hydraulic oil injection motor is to drive the motor to rotate, so a certain pressure is required, at this time the size of the pressure will affect the driving force of the hydraulic motor, so in the selection of the pressure factor need to be considered, the pressure is generated by the load, not by the motor, so a pressure gauge is needed to test, the range of the pressure gauge is selected according to the rated pressure of the hydraulic system, and the range of the pressure gauge can be paid attention to when selecting. 


3. Select according to the speed. The speed of the hydraulic motor is the basis for measuring the speed of the motor output, which will affect the efficiency of the motor. The speed is generally set according to the operating speed of the equipment, but generally there will be a stable speed value for the customer's reference when selecting, so the speed should also be referred to when selecting. 


4. Select according to torque. Reliable quality hydraulic motor should also refer to the torque of the motor when selecting, how much torque is needed to drive the load, how much the motor will provide, if the torque factor is not referenced, when the load needs to be too large and the motor cannot be provided, an overload phenomenon will occur, resulting in inability to work. 


The above is the selection basis of the hydraulic motor with stable performance, the selection should be measured according to its own needs, combined with the technical indicators of the motor, so a comprehensive analysis should be carried out before the selection and the appropriate model should be selected. Of course, the selection of hydraulic motor should also be selected according to economy and durability, and it is the right choice to extend the service life of the motor as much as possible. Because hydraulic motors can take into account power utilization and working effects, choosing a motor that meets your own economic situation can ensure the long-term development of your own interests.


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