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As for hydraulic motors, Hanjiu has launched and sold countless units, among which the BMP series is recognized as the basic hydraulic track motor with the best quality and most stable performance in China. Today we will talk to you about why it is popular and its basic specifications.


The first thing to say is that the BMP series hydraulic motors are suitable for all automation and motion control applications. At present, Hanjiu Technology has Danfoss OMP, Eaton Char Lynn H series, M+S MP series and other European brand replacements in stock. Motor displacements include 50 - 400 cc/rev, speed range covers 145 - 858 rpm, maximum pressure from 90/110 bar to 125/140 bar (continuous/peak), maximum torque 74n*m/521n*m . The advantage of Bmp is that it can be started at low pressure, equipped with a reinforced shaft seal, has high starting torque and the ability to withstand huge back pressure, and the ability to transfer axial and radial loads. The overall volume is small and exquisite, and the installation is very convenient. After being upgraded by Hanjiu factory technicians, they also have a long lifespan and are very durable.


Of course, the life of any product has a lot to do with how it is used, so even though our Hanjiu products are highly durable, we still need to pay attention to maintenance. The mechanical operation should be gentle and smooth, and try to avoid rough use, otherwise it will inevitably produce impact loads, causing frequent mechanical failures and greatly shortening the service life. The impact load generated during operation, on the one hand, causes early wear, fracture, and breakage of mechanical structural parts; Premature failure of oil leakage or pipe burst, frequent operation of the relief valve, oil temperature rises. In addition, it is necessary to be cautious about cavitation and overflow noise. If the hydraulic motor has "cavitation" noise, it cannot be eliminated after exhausting, and the cause should be found out and the fault can be eliminated before use. If an actuator moves slowly when there is no load, accompanied by the overflow sound of the relief valve, it should be shut down immediately for maintenance.


When you need hydraulic solutions or replaceable hydraulic accessories, please contact the customer service personnel of Hanjiu Technology Company, and we will provide you with professional services within 24 hours.


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