Hydraulic Motor


If you haven't heard of Hanjiu Technology Co., LTD, you must. Although Hanjiu is not a century-old enterprise, it is a unique existence in the hydraulic industry. Since the establishment of the company, Hanjiu has been working like a day for ten years. In just ten years, it has now developed into a market leader in China's hydraulic field, and customers cooperating with Hanjiu are all over the world.


You can not believe that the sun will not rise in the west, but you cannot believe in "Made in China". The development of science and technology has promoted the progress of world civilization. Hanjiu is in line with the times and takes advantage of opportunities to use various resources. It was formally established in 2011 and began to carry out various manufacturing and creation projects of hydraulic products. The founder of Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. is also an experienced and excellent hydraulic engineer. Under his leadership, Han Jiu worked hard with the team from the initial establishment to become one of the widest and deepest hydraulic product brands in the world. Such achievements are the glory of Hanjiu and the blessing of every customer who cooperates with Hanjiu. Hanjiu is not a dazzling but fleeting fireworks, but hopes to be an eternal star hanging in the hydraulic industry. Hanjiu uses product quality, sales service, and price to indicate the direction of Hanjiu's desire. To establish a raw material logistics supply chain, the raw materials used are all high-quality products, and no shoddy products are used. With advanced production equipment, advanced and precise CNC machine tools provide guarantee for the precise fitting of products, and a complete production supervision system escorts the production of qualified products. Professional service personnel can accurately solve any pre-sale, sale and after-sales problems related to hydraulic products. In addition, do you need high-speed hydraulic motors, low-speed hydraulic motors; or Danfoss, Eaton, M+S series models , Hanjiu can meet your needs.


So what kind of hydraulic motor do you need? Tell Han Jiu, Han Jiu will fulfill your wish. If you want to buy any hydraulic-related parts or finished products, please contact us through the official website or official store, and we will respond to your needs as soon as possible.



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