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Hanjiu has three very professional production lines, the hydraulic motor manufactured is of high quality, but the hydraulic motor is a precision hydraulic component, in addition to its own excellent product quality, the user must operate correctly according to its use method and operating procedures, and timely maintenance, so as to prevent damage and extend the service life.


1. Before installation, check whether the motor is damaged and whether the output shaft is flexible, if the motor storage time is too long, the motor memory oil should be drained and rinsed first to prevent sticky jamming in each internal moving pair. Strictly ensure the cleanliness of the connecting oil port and do not allow any solid foreign matter to enter.


2. The hydraulic motor can be installed arbitrarily, but the mounting bracket must be rigid enough, and the hydraulic motor and the load should be coaxial connected to ensure that the two cooperate well. Tapping on the output shaft is not allowed. The output shaft can withstand certain axial and radial forces. But it is best to avoid it, otherwise it will shorten the service life.


3. The oil pipe of the oil drain port should be connected to the oil tank separately to ensure that the pipeline is unblocked, and the oil outlet should be ensured above the horizontal line of the shaft. The highest water position of the drain pipe should be higher than the highest level position of the motor housing. To prevent the oil from emptying the motor housing. The pressure in the hydraulic motor housing should not exceed 0.1Mpa.


4. Before the first start, the hydraulic motor housing should be filled with hydraulic oil, and the pressure of the relief valve of the oil supply pipeline should be adjusted to the lowest value, and gradually adjusted to the required pressure after operation.


5. When the hydraulic motor runs continuously for a long time, it is recommended to use the pressure to reduce the rated pressure by at least 25% and run intermittently. The use pressure shall not be greater than the rated pressure, and the instantaneous maximum pressure shall not be greater than the maximum pressure specified by the motor.


6. When the hydraulic motor runs continuously for a long time. The use speed should not be greater than the rated speed, and the instantaneous speed should not be greater than the maximum speed specified by the motor, otherwise it will exceed the rated power of the motor and seriously shorten the service life.


7. The hydraulic motor should be avoided as a pump working condition, otherwise it will affect its normal use.


8. Under most working conditions, the viscosity of hydraulic oil should be within 15 1000 centimeters. The ideal oil temperature of hydraulic oil is 30°C~50°C.


9. Check the quality of hydraulic oil regularly, if it exceeds the specified value, it should be replaced with new oil, and it is forbidden to mix different types of hydraulic oil. Otherwise, it will affect the service life of the motor.


10. The normal industrial filtration accuracy is recommended to be 25 microns, and the use of the oil filter should be checked frequently, so as to clean or replace it regularly.


If the above links are missed during use, causing damage to the hydraulic motor, you can contact us during the warranty period, Hanjiu has a very perfect after-sales service, will definitely make you satisfied.


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