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Hydraulic motor is to achieve continuous rotation movement of the executive element, in principle, to the positive displacement pump input pressure oil, force its shaft rotation, become a hydraulic motor, that is, positive displacement pump can be used as a hydraulic motor. However, in practice, due to different requirements such as performance and structural symmetry, under normal circumstances, hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors cannot be interchanged. Oil suction and drainage according to the volume change of the working chamber are the common characteristics of hydraulic pumps, so this pump is also called positive displacement pump. Hydraulic pumps are divided into quantitative pumps and variable pumps according to whether the output oil volume can be adjusted in unit time: according to the structural form, it can be divided into three categories: gear type, vane type and plunger type. Hydraulic motors also have the same form. It can be seen from the working process that the volume of oil sucked in or discharged by the hydraulic pump in each working cycle depends only on the geometry of the working components, such as the plunger diameter and working stroke of the plunger pump, without considering the oil leakage.


Necessary conditions for the operation of hydraulic motors: 


1. There must be a closed volume that can be changed periodically.


2. There must be a distribution action: for hydraulic pumps, suck in low-pressure oil when the closed volume increases, and discharge high-pressure oil when the closed volume decreases. For hydraulic motors, high-pressure oil is filled when the closed volume is increased, and low-pressure oil is discharged when the closed volume is reduced. 


3. High and low pressure oil shall not be connected.


The hydraulic motor is the energy conversion element in the hydraulic transmission system. The hydraulic motor converts the input pressure energy into mechanical energy, which is transported to the actuator in the form of torque and speed to do work, and is the executive component of the hydraulic transmission system.


Working characteristics of hydraulic motor: the motor should be able to run forward and reverse, therefore, the hydraulic motor is required to have structural symmetry in design. When the inertia load of the hydraulic motor is large, the speed is high, and it requires rapid braking or reversal, a high hydraulic shock will be generated, and the necessary safety valve or buffer valve should be set in the system. Since internal leakage is unavoidable, there is still a slow slip when braking by closing the oil drain port of the motor. Therefore, when it is necessary to accurately brake for a long time, a brake should be set to prevent slipping. Some types of hydraulic motors must have sufficient back pressure at the oil return port to ensure normal operation.


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