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How do I choose the brand of my product? Generally speaking, the quality of a product can reflect the level of a brand in this industry, and the same is true for the hydraulic industry. Since there are many models of hydraulic rail motors, in order to let you have a more detailed understanding, I selected the Hanjiu brand rail motor BMT 800 to show you.


The Hanjiudi BMT series is mainly used to replace Danfoss OMT and Bosch Rexroth MGT/GMT BMT series motors, so the overall performance is the same as these brands. The BMT800 is the most torque motor in the range, with a displacement of 800 cc, a flange of 4 bolts, a shaft of 40 mm and a weight of 25 kg. Like other BMT motors of specification, the BMT 800 Hydraulic Orbital Motors features an advanced gear set design with DISC distribution flow and high pressure, these motors offer a variety of versatile operating options depending on application requirements, and their output shaft tapered roller bearings allow high axial and radial forces to provide smooth operation of the machine during low pressure start-up and high pressure operation. Hanjiu's motors have always had high-quality power, and the BMT series can meet the needs of various scenarios from small to large, medium to heavy. Advanced Geroler gear set design, low starting pressure, smooth operation, high axial and radial force disc distribution, automatic compensation, solid structure, longer service life, superior side load capacity, smooth side load capacity, ultra-low speed operation, high-pressure shaft seal is standard equipment for big brands, Hanjiu technicians based on high-quality design, manufacturing reliability and innovative design also eliminate the need for motor housing drainage.


Not only BMT series products, Hanjiu company's other products are as good as ever, if you have a demand for hydraulic products, welcome to visit us at any time https://www.hjhydraulic.com/ contact us, we will definitely reply to you as soon as possible.


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