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Hydraulic motor is an executive component of hydraulic system. Its working principle is to convert the liquid pressure energy provided by hydraulic pump into the mechanical energy of its output shaft. Hydraulic motor according to its structure type can be divided into gear type, blade type, plunger type and other types. According to the rated speed of the hydraulic motor is divided into high speed and low speed two categories.The application range of hydraulic motor is very wide, such as farm tractor, garden tractor, dump truck, forklift, combine harvester, fishing car, sweeper, excavator, loader, bulldozer, machine tool and so on. Users usually choose hydraulic motors of different structures and speeds according to their needs. There are also some customers on the choice of hydraulic motors are confused, do not know how to choose. At this point, we will provide them with professional help based on their described needs. You may wonder why we can help them and what qualifications do we have? Because we are Hanjiu technology.


 Located in Shijiazhuang, China, Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic motors. The plant has dozens of high-quality, professional engineering and technical personnel, and began to introduce advanced production equipment in 2010. And the company uses high-end CNC machine tools for production, excellence, with the most humane service, service every customer. After more than 10 years of continuous progress, Hanjiu Technology has become the largest factory in northern China. Hanjiu Technology adhere to integrity first, quality first for the purpose. From staff entry, raw materials into the factory, parts processing, assembly scheme design to the final product, we have a relatively perfect product quality system.Every hydraulic motor we manufacture has passed the CE certification, and we have been committed to building an international famous brand, so that the products do more fine, service more fit the needs of customers. We expect to impress customers through excellent products and establish long-term stable cooperative relationship with more customers who have demand for hydraulic motors.


You are welcome to tell us your appeal by phone or email, so that we can develop the best solution for you.


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