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Now the hydraulic pump motor industry is developing rapidly, and its application is becoming more and more extensive, whether in the construction site of high-speed railway or highway, you can see the figure of electric hydraulic pump. So, do you know what an electric hydraulic pump is? How much do you know about it? With this question, let's understand the functions of each component of the electric hydraulic pump!


First, the composition of hydraulic pump motor


Hydraulic pump motor is a hydraulic device, which exists independently, and provides hydraulic oil with controlled direction, pressure and flow through the signal sent by the main engine. The electric hydraulic pump is composed of an electric pump device, an oil tank, an electric box and a manifold or valve group.


Second, the function of each component of hydraulic pump motor


The electrical box of the Hydraulic pump motor is available in two forms, one of which is equipped with a complete control unit, and the other is a terminal block with external leads. The electric pump device is composed of a motor and an oil pump, which is the dynamic call source of the pumping station, which can realize mechanical energy pressure. Transformation of force energy. The plate valve of the electro-hydraulic pressure pump is mounted on a vertical pink plate, which has the same function as the manifold block. The manifold is composed of a hydraulic valve and an oil channel body, which can carry out flow. Direction, pressure and flow regulation.


Third, the working principle of hydraulic pump motor


We know the basics about Hydraulic Pump Motor, but how does it work? It is driven by the motor to drive the oil pump, and then the oil is sucked out from the oil tank for oil supply, at which time the mechanical energy can be converted into hydraulic oil. The hydraulic pressure oil can adjust the motor through the external pipeline, so that the direction of the actuator can be changed or the size and speed can be changed, so as to promote the work of the various components of the hydraulic machinery.


Fourth, repair and maintenance


1. Daily check whether the fasteners of the product, such as: screws, etc. are loose, check whether the installation pipeline interface is leaking.


2. Check the cleanliness of the seal. It is often necessary to clean the oil seal to prevent affecting the service life of the machine.


3. It is recommended to replace the hydraulic oil after the first work of 500 hours, the maximum replacement cycle of hydraulic oil is 2000 hours, and the maximum replacement cycle with air filter is 500 hours.


 4. In order to optimize the service life of hydraulic components, the hydraulic oil and filter should be replaced regularly. Hydraulic contamination is the main cause of damage to hydraulic components. Please keep the hydraulic oil clean during daily maintenance and repair.


5. Daily use should check whether the hydraulic tank oil level meets the requirements. At the same time, check the water content of the hydraulic oil and whether there is abnormal odor. When the hydraulic oil contains water, the oil is cloudy or milky, or there are water droplets at the bottom of the tank to settle. When the oil has a foul odor, it indicates that the hydraulic oil operating temperature is too high. When the above situation occurs, please replace the hydraulic oil immediately, and at the same time find out the cause of the problem and solve it. Pay attention to checking the vehicle for leaks on a daily basis.


6. During test operation and operation, the axial piston pump element must be filled with hydraulic oil and exhaust clean air. After a long shutdown, oil filling and venting operations are required as the system may leak oil through hydraulic lines.


7. Pollution has fatal damage to hydraulic components, and it is necessary to ensure that the working environment for maintenance and repair is clean. Before starting maintenance or repair, clean the pump or motor thoroughly.


8. Regularly replace the hydraulic oil and filter of the system according to the recommended standards to ensure the efficient and safe operation of the system and replace the vulnerable parts regularly.


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