hydraulic pump motor sizing calculator


1. Hydraulic pump motor characteristic calculation formula:


2、a common calculation formula for hydraulic pump motor:


3、commonly used calculation formulas for oil cylinders:


4、valves and other frequently used calculation formulas:


How to improve the calculation efficiency of hydraulic motor pumps:


Step 1: analyze the projects that often use hydraulic calculation, and sort out the relevant formulas, and gradually form a set of calculation formulas suitable for themselves after continuous reuse.


Step 2: Create a table of hydraulic calculation formulas. The formation of a formula table is an important step to improve work efficiency, which should be sorted according to the importance and frequency of use of different formulas, and the highly relevant calculation formula is calculated in a calculation table. After forming a reasonable calculation table, basically the hydraulic calculation formula will be used flexibly and efficiently.


Step 3: Form a calculation tool. Compared with the calculation formula table, professional hydraulic calculation tools are more efficient to use, but because each enterprise, different hydraulic designers calculate the content is also different, there seems to be no such a good calculation software on the market, as a hydraulic designer, or as a hydraulic related unit, can be self-help development, if the development is successful, the frequency of use is high, can also be appropriately disclosed to partners or industry people.



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