Hydraulic spare parts


Hydraulic spare parts are an important part of the hydraulic system, they are used to provide replacement or supplement when the main hydraulic components fail, so as to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system. Here are some common hydraulic spare parts:

1. Standby hydraulic pump: When the main hydraulic pump fails, the standby hydraulic pump can be started quickly to provide the required pressure and flow for the hydraulic system. Standby pumps often have similar performance parameters to primary pumps to ensure a seamless transition when replaced.

2. Standby hydraulic motor: For hydraulic systems that use hydraulic motors, standby motors can provide a replacement when the main motor fails. Similar to a backup pump, a standby motor should have similar performance parameters to the main motor.

3. Spare hydraulic cylinder: Hydraulic cylinder is a common actuator in hydraulic systems, which is used to achieve linear motion. Spare cylinders can be replaced if the master cylinder is damaged or needs to be repaired.

4. Standby control valve: The control valve is an important control element in the hydraulic system, which is used to regulate the flow direction, pressure and flow of liquid. Alternate control valves can provide an alternative in the event of a primary valve failure, ensuring that the control function of the hydraulic system is not compromised.

5. Spare Seals: Seals play a role in the hydraulic system to prevent leaks and maintain pressure. Spare seals can be replaced in the event of damage to the main seals, preventing leakage problems in the hydraulic system.

 6. Spare oil pipes and pipe joints: oil pipes and pipe joints are used to connect various components in the hydraulic system. Spare tubing and fittings can provide an alternative in the event of damage to the main pipe or fittings, ensuring connectivity of the hydraulic system.

In order to ensure the reliability and availability of hydraulic spare parts, the following measures are recommended:

1. Regularly check the status of hydraulic spare parts to ensure that they are in good working condition.

2. Properly store and protect hydraulic spare parts to avoid damage or contamination.

3. When the main hydraulic components fail, replace the hydraulic spare parts in time to reduce downtime and production loss.

4. Regularly maintain and maintain hydraulic spare parts to prolong their service life and improve reliability.

Hydraulic spare parts play a vital role in the hydraulic system, they ensure that the hydraulic system can remain functioning properly in the event of a failure. Therefore, the reasonable selection and use of hydraulic spare parts is of great significance to ensure the stability and reliability of the hydraulic system.


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