Hydraulic steering is used correctly


Because the hydraulic steering system has convenient operation, compact structure, convenient maintenance, as well as the engine flameout or pump failure can still complete steering function advantages, so in some wheeled tractors and self-propelled combine harvester and adopt this kind of steering system.Although there are many kinds of models, the hydraulic steering system has the same structure, among which the steering machine is the key part of the system.The failure of steering units takes up a large proportion in the system failure

In the event of a failure of the hydraulic steering system, not only does the locomotive driving safety not be guaranteed, but it also seriously affects the operating efficiency. In order to reduce the occurrence of full hydraulic steering gear failure and prolong its service life, the operator should pay attention to the following points in actual work:

   1. Do not disassemble the full hydraulic steering units. Remove steering gear, easy to damage the surface of the coordination, resulting in leakage, so as to shorten the service life.If it must be disassembled, be sure to pay attention to cleaning. Do not scratch the mating surface.

2. In the process of disassembly and assembly, attention should be paid to protecting the mating surface of parts to prevent collision and scratches.When disassembling, first remove the steel ball of the manpower to the check valve, and then take out the valve sleeve and the valve core to prevent the steel ball from falling between the oil inlet hole and the valve sleeve ring groove, and the surface of the valve sleeve is damaged.

3. When assembling, do not allow dirt to enter the valve, and apply clean new oil on the surface of the parts. When assembling the valve sleeve and the valve core, balance the alignment and do not collide with each other to avoid damage to the parts.

4. When installing the coupler, pay attention to the correct assembly relationship between the coupler and the rotor, that is, the mark on the outer spline of the coupler is aligned with the mark on the spline in the rotor. When there is no mark, the upper end of the coupler should be made. The center line of the groove aligns the center line of the toothed concave of the rotor to prevent misalignment between the coupler and the rotor, so that the oil distribution valve cannot realize the pump oil according to the law of suction and discharge of the rotor pump.

5. During the steering process, when turning the steering wheel is very laborious, do not force the steering wheel to prevent the oil temperature from rising and damage the parts. The cause of laboriousness should be identified in time to be excluded.

6. After the engine is turned off or the oil pump is not working, turn the steering wheel not too fast, and the steering speed should be slow to avoid damage to the spring piece, the dial or the coupling, resulting in steering error.

7. Select the hydraulic oil that meets the requirements, pay attention to the cleaning of the oil, and prevent the oil from generating high temperature and parts wear.

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