Oil line cleaning step of cycloidal hydraulic motor


Hanjiu Hydraulics tells you that it needs to be flushed before the hydraulic motor is put into use. Of course, the purpose of flushing is to remove the pollutants, metal chips, fiber compounds, iron core, etc. remaining in the motor, In the first two hours of work, even if the motor is not completely damaged, it will cause a series of failures. Therefore, the following steps should be taken to clean the hydraulic motor circuit:


 1. Clean the fuel tank with an easy-to-dry cleaning solvent,The filtered air is then used to remove solvent residues.

2. Clean all the pipes of the hydraulic motor. In some cases, the pipes and joints need to be impregnated.

3. Install oil filter in the pipeline to protect the oil supply pipeline and pressure pipeline of the valve.

4. Install a flushing plate on the collector Replacement precision valve, such as an electro-hydraulic servo valve.

5. Check that all pipe sizes are appropriate and that the connections are correct.

The above is a small series of steps to clean the hydraulic motor oil circuit, I hope to bring some help to everyone, of course, other places should also be cleaned, for some cleaning methods in other places, next time there is a chance Let's get to know it together. Today, Xiaobian will introduce it here.

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