hydraulic steering unit


Full hydraulic steering is between the steering wheel and the steering control mechanism, without connecting Rod-connected-a hydraulic power steering type, with light and flexible operation, simple structure

Single, low price, convenient installation and layout of the whole machine, etc.

At present, the cycloid type full hydraulic steering gear used at home and abroad has been used since 1961.

Since char lynn power steering or steering unit eaton in China, it has gotten

Development: Similar full hydraulic steering gear mainly includes steering unit eaton

,steering unit TRW,

It is produced by steering unit Danfoss Company in Denmark and ZF Company in Germany,steering unit ognibene,steering unit rexroth。

Products are widely used in various construction machinery, agricultural machinery, heavy vehicles and ships.

The working pressure is above 17.5MPa, and the displacement range is 50-315mL/r; There are two oil distribution methods, Al type and spool valve type; the models are 

Open center non-reaction; close center reaction, close center non-reaction and load sensing type; steering system

There are various forms of integrated hydraulic valve and steering gear, such as integrated type and separate type: supporting vehicles

The driving speed has been expanded from 50km/h to about 70km/h.

In order to solve the power steering of large-scale engineering vehicles, initially based on the small displacement full hydraulic intermediary, the shape and size of the sleeve slot of the control valve were improved. The length of the pendulum metering device was increased to increase the displacement, and the maximum displacement was possible.

Up to 1000mL/r.

With the development of science and technology, many companies have established factories in China, and China’s hydraulic steering gear technology has reached the international level.

And has made outstanding contributions to the development of China's heavy industry. It can be said that the hydraulic steering gear made in China is the international heavy industry industry, especially for the after-sales market.


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