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The steering machine is often used in the hydraulic power steering of construction machinery, there is a small motor inside, external double-action cylinder, with the help of the pilot working pressure when the steering wheel is triggered, the pilot pressure P enters the small motor through the movement of the raft core, reducing the strength of the manual trigger steering wheel, the steering operation is terminated, the valve core returns to the neutral position, cut off the power of the power of the power motor, if your steering machine has the following situations, then it may be some problems, and we also provide you with some countermeasures:


1. If the steering wheel is different in weight, it proves that there is a problem with the steering machine, and this problem is generally caused by improper adjustment of the limit valve;


2. In addition to proving that the tire may have dynamic balance problems, we should also check whether the steering machine is faulty when the direction is unstable or misaligned;


3. There is a abnormal noise from the steering column when steering, and the steering machine may be caused by the lack of steering power oil.


4. Most of the oil leakage of the steering machine is caused by the aging of the seal (oil seal), and the seal (oil seal) will harden over time, that is, they lose the plasticizer over time. This process is exacerbated by the continuous alternating operating temperature of cold and warm. The end result is that the seal first begins to shrink, then hardens, and finally even breaks, and oil leakage is inevitable.


It is not easy to choose a suitable and durable directional valve, but don't worry about it, today Hanjiu Technology will introduce you with an Xcel45 steering control unit replacement method priority block issue LV C-60 wheel loader spare parts. It belongs to the water conservancy directional valve, mainly used in harvesters, tractors, forklifts and boats, etc., in the transportation we use carton bags, the specification is XCel45. Our steering units are widely used in tractors, trucks, loaders, forklifts, excavators, rear hole cranes, aerial work platforms, agricultural machinery, etc., they can completely replace OEM steering units with excellent performance and more favorable prices, and are also the perfect replacement for M+S, EATON. Hanjiu Technology has been engaged in the manufacture of hydraulic components for many years, and is famous in the market for its high-quality product requirements and low prices, and in terms of quality, the components produced also have high density and strong quality and easy to carry product characteristics. We have not only passed the international CE certification, but also will be many times higher than the market quality requirements, strictly require ourselves, adopt the principle of maximizing customer interests as much as possible in price, and give customers the most perfect price response while ensuring their own costs.


Hanjiu Technology's hydraulic products are very popular, many orders are sent to all over the world every day, and our transportation methods are diversified, including large cargo transportation, railway transportation and small transportation of international express transportation. Every year, our products are exported to all over the world, and our customers have given high evaluation after use. If you still have concerns, we also provide you with a warranty service, during the warranty period, our professional team will be at your service throughout the process. If you encounter any problems during the purchase process, please contact our customer service. We will be your most reliable partner!


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