If you have never used the hydraulic directional valve of Hanjiu Technology, then you don’t know how useful a high-quality hydraulic directional valve can be.


Are you still using inferior and aging hydraulic directional valves? In order for your hydraulic system to operate normally, I advise you to be cautious when choosing hydraulic directional valves.

With the continuous improvement of hydraulic technology, the market has increasingly higher requirements for hydraulic directional valves. The first requirement of many consumers when buying a hydraulic directional valve is high efficiency. Of course, hydraulic components with low efficiency cannot be regarded as qualified hydraulic components. In addition to the high efficiency of hydraulic components, the service life is also the focus of consumers' most attention. A high-quality hydraulic directional valve can ensure a long service life of the hydraulic directional valve. It not only saves costs, but also ensures the continuous and stable operation of the hydraulic system.

The hydraulic market under the influence of the epidemic is still active, and consumer demand for hydraulic components remains at a certain level. Due to the impact of the epidemic, it is difficult to purchase hydraulic components on site. But this does not mean that you will not have the opportunity to buy your favorite products. In this era of such a developed network and logistics, you can buy the most cost-effective products through many channels.




According to market research in the past two years, the quality of the old brands is guaranteed, and the sales volume is relatively stable. However, due to the long-term lack of technological innovation, it is unable to attract more consumers. The current hydraulic market is gradually leaning toward emerging and dynamic hydraulic brands, and a batch of fresh blood has poured into the hydraulic market, which has played a huge role in promoting the upgrading of hydraulic technology. For example, Hanjiu Technology, which is very popular in the market, has become It became the preferred brand for consumers to buy hydraulic components.

Hanjiu Technology has its own R&D team and has been dedicated to the development of hydraulic technology. Therefore, the hydraulic components produced by Hanjiu Technology are very competitive. The core of hydraulic components is the competition of hydraulic technology. The technical team of Hanjiu Technology, led by Mr. Han who has decades of experience in the hydraulic field, continuously provides the most competitive hydraulic components for the hydraulic market. If you haven't used the hydraulic components of Hanjiu Technology, you may not know that there is actually a conscientious company studying hydraulic technology in this impetuous market.

Hanjiu Technology is still a rookie in the industry, why can it blaze a trail in this highly competitive hydraulic market? Quality is definitely the first prerequisite for attracting consumers. If you don’t believe it, you can come to know the hydraulic directional valve of Hanjiu Technology. The hydraulic directional valve of Hanjiu Technology is a super high-quality product that you will regret if you miss it. .

If you understand the current hydraulic market, then you must know the HSV 6-A hydraulic selection steering solenoid valve of Hanjiu Technology. Who is willing to miss such high-quality hydraulic components?

The HSV 6-A hydraulic selective steering solenoid valve has a maximum flow rate of 50 liters per minute and a higher operating speed. It can switch the oil circuit between different flow rates and pressures at the fastest speed. In addition, it can also be connected The oil pump can deliver hydraulic oil to two different oil paths. It is very powerful and can be widely used in harvesters, planters, sprayers, wood distributors, forestry trailers, cranes, etc., and has a wide range of applications.

In addition to the HSV 6-A hydraulic selection steering solenoid valve, Hanjiu's 1 Spool Hydraulic Monoblock Valve and 3 Spool Hydraulic Monoblock Valve are also very high-quality, you can rest assured to buy, such a high-quality hydraulic directional valve will definitely become your hydraulic system Right-hand man.


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