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If you work with hydraulic products on a regular basis, this article is worth a read. Although there are only a few of the largest brands in the hydraulic industry, some brands that do better deserve more attention. Hanjiu Technology is a company that provides hydraulic solutions for customers all over the world. It comes from the urban area of Shijiazhuang, China. Pursuit of selling higher quality products at lower prices, with professional factory equipment and technical personnel. Hanjiu is professional in manufacturing hydraulic replacements for Sauer Danfoss, Eaton and other brands.


As a widely used motor type, low speed high torque motor, there are many models for sale in Hanjiu's mall, including various replacement parts inside it. For example, Bmt500 -4-M-D-B low-speed high-torque motor is specially used to replace Danfoss OMT series and Eaton 6K. BMT500 series motors adopt advanced gear set design with discs to distribute flow and high pressure. Depending on the application requirements, these motors are available in various options for versatile operation. Output shaft tapered roller bearings allow high axial and radial forces, providing smooth operation during low-pressure start-up and high-pressure operation. These motors provide premium power and cover small to large, medium to heavy duty needs. Advanced geroler gear set design Low starting pressure for smooth operation High axial and radial forces Disc distributes flow, self-compensating Robust construction for longer service life Higher side load capacity Smooth, ultra-low speed operation High pressure shaft seals are standard Innovative design, no need for shell discharge Reliability based on high-quality design and manufacture, from customer feedback, almost all customers think that this motor part provided by Hanjiu is their best choice. Because of the technical staff's understanding and professionalism of the product, the precision piston pump parts manufactured by Hanjiu can be completely interchanged with the original motor, and the specifications and lifespan are comparable to it. On the basis of these same specifications, the price of Hanjiu factory has more advantages than the original low speed high torque motor. Relying on its unique advantages, Hanjiu's hydraulic products have been exported to the United States, Europe, Latin America, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, South Africa, Canada, Germany, Belgium, etc., and are well received.


If you are looking for a https://www.hjhydraulic.com/low speed high torque motor replacement, don't worry, Hanjiu will help you get the most cost-effective hydraulic solutions for construction machinery, hydraulic pressure, fluid power, agricultural machinery, excavators, loaders, construction machinery , Concrete pump trucks, paving machines, etc. provide spare parts.

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