Member unit of Hebei Credit Association


Membership Certificate of Hebei Credit Association

Unit Name: Shijiazhuang Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd

Position within the meeting: Member unit

Job Name: Han Zhenchuan

Joined on August 22, 2023

Issuing unit: Hebei Provincial Credit Association

Certificate No.: 023189



Certificate Notice

1. This certificate is a member certificate of the Hebei Provincial Credit Association, which has been stamped by the association Valid after official seal;

2. This certificate is uniformly printed by the Hebei Provincial Credit Association, and any unit and

Individuals are not allowed to print without permission;

3. This certificate shall not be forged, altered, lent or leased;

4. If this certificate is lost or damaged, it should be reported to this association and noted After selling the original certificate, issue a new certificate;

5. This certificate is valid after being verified and stamped annually, and members do not pay without reason Fee, deemed as automatic withdrawal, cancellation of membership, and withdrawal of this certificate.


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