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Roughly speaking, motors can also be divided according to body type, there are large motors, neutral motors, small motors and miniature hydraulic motors, so how can customers choose a reasonable category when buying? As a brand specializing in providing hydraulic solutions for everyone, Hanjiu Technology can provide you with some ideas from many aspects.


To reasonably select the specifications of the hydraulic motor, in the case of meeting the prime mover load power, it is advisable to use a larger hydraulic motor as much as possible to improve the overall efficiency. It is also necessary to comprehensively consider the state of the control medium, such as the temperature, viscosity, lubricity of the hydraulic oil, etc., to prevent the hydraulic motor from being started in extreme situations such as too low or too high temperature, causing damage to components. In the case of two or more motors connected in parallel, it is necessary to fully balance the pressure and flow of the motor, and pay attention to the distribution of motor power. The speed range should also be standardized, if the motor speed is too low, there will be rotor crawling phenomenon affecting mechanical efficiency, if the motor speed is too fast, there will be motor overload, mechanical wear and other phenomena, at the same time, the hydraulic motor should not maintain low pressure for a long time, low speed operation. When designing the motor circuit, it is also necessary to pay attention to prevent the motor sealing cylinder vacuum pressure is too large, it is necessary to design a good oil supply circuit for the hydraulic motor, for the hydraulic system for lifting machinery or walking machinery, usually also for the hydraulic motor to set up a speed regulating circuit, for the hydraulic motor that needs to be braked for a long time, should design an independent brake circuit for it, and try to avoid the hydraulic motor and other deceleration devices running at the same time. Finally, when installing the hydraulic motor, it is also necessary to ensure the rigidity and strength of the mounting frame to prevent the offset axis between the hydraulic motor and the driving load from being too large, and the offset between the hydraulic motor and its driving load should not exceed 0.0 5~0.1mm. In addition, the installation position of the hydraulic motor should not be too low, and the oil return port should be higher than the oil tank to prevent excessive pressure in the inner shell of the motor. The hydraulic motor should not be directly connected to the oil tank, resulting in low motor back pressure, especially for hydraulic motors with relatively complex structures such as multi-acting internal curve hydraulic motors, its back pressure drop should be avoided to 0.


If you encounter any problems with the hydraulic system, you can consult our professional customer service. In addition, if you need to buy or replace the motor, Hanjiu has all specifications and models of motors for you to choose, in order to protect the rights and interests of customers, we will not only give great discounts on price, but also do not skimp on product quality.


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