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Today, I'm going to introduce a new product our upcoming soon: the Monoblock Directional Control Valve.

The directional control valve is essentially a kind of on-off valve, and the so-called directional control is to make the oil circuit open or off, or to make the flow converge and divert. The right directional valve is selected according to the requirements of the system, and the so-called "monoblock" refers to the one-piece, assembly-free.

Compared to ordinary directional control valves, Monoblock directional control valves have many outstanding features, including high performance, high efficiency, small volume, mass flow, and leak proof. All these advantages make it very suitable to farm machinery, municipal service vehicles, construction site machinery and lifting equipment. , monoblock directional control valves are the components of choice for all applications where there is a special focus on minimizing size, weight and costs. In addition to the advantages mentioned earlier, the compact direction control valves also have fixed and big pull rod to control direction, providing various ports and circuit valves. Our experienced designers have ingeniously designed monoblock directional control valve that offer a variety of operating options, including manual control, pneumatic control, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic control and can select these methods according to your requirement. Furthermore, it is available with manual, cable, pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and electro-hydraulic spool controls. This batch of monoblock directional control valves we designed are for applications with flow rate up to 160 l/min and operating pressures up to 300 bar. Their Key Features are that control valves can be equipped with auxiliary pressure control valves and flow control valves. Available with direct hydraulic controls, bowden cable, proportional electric and joystick controls. Parallel, load sensing, tandem and series circuit options.

Even though our product design is very unique, our prices are still very cheap. Why? Cause we have established a point-to-point, one-stop high-speed, high-bandwidth, high-adaptation, high-guarantee, low-price supply channel from China to countries around the world. All products are 100% guaranteed to be original, more than half of the products we keep in stock, we have a short international air delivery frequency of one week to ensure the supply cycle, "product center" and "customer service center" professional team to ensure product installation and use and post-service! Our eternal pursuits are that solve all product needs for customers, reduce procurement risks and costs for customers and improve procurement efficiency and guarantee for customers. We are Hanjiu, Welcome to shop!
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