Monoblock hydraulic directional control valve


The monoblock hydraulic directional control valve is often used to operate hydraulic cylinders (Double-Acting or Single-Acting), operate hydraulic motors (“D” Spool Required) and install rear remotes on a tractor and then it can be used to control the tractor.

If you are shopping and do not know if our monoblock hydraulic directional control valve are suitable. You need to think carefully about the following questions. 

1. Is the flow through this valve less than 11 GPM? If not, then we have larger P80 valves that can accommodate up to 21 GPM. Most importantly, if installing on a tractor, please check It will say under the hydraulics – “Pump Flow” – of the data sheet. The GPM flow may be printed on the pump itself.

2. Do you have an open-center hydraulic system? If you’re installing this on a tractor, please check, it will say under the hydraulics of the data sheet. These valves are setup for use on open-center hydraulic systems. On the other hand, if you do have a closed-center system, you’ll need to get the closed center adapter plug. NOTE: Our monoblock hydraulic directional control valves do not have the load sensing by default, If you have special needs, please contact us and we will provide you with customized services.

3. Do you have other valves downstream from this valve (Examples include: Other Control Valves, Rear Remote Valve, Backhoe Valve, 3-Point Valve)? Above all, you’ll need the power beyond adapter sleeve to provide pressure and flow to those valves. Note: You only need this for open-center hydraulic systems. If you have a closed-center system, you will tee into a pressure line to connect other valves. We provide a full range of suitable products, if you need to click on our store website, you can achieve one-stop purchase.

Here are 9 reasons to choose hanjiu store.
1. Our monoblock hydraulic directional control valves have a compact design and allow installation in tight areas.
2. Our all spools are standard double acting with spring return to neutral position which are ideal for double acting cylinders.
3. Used for open center systems (Pump to Tank Flow) – closed center option available.
4. Each spool has an anti-drop load check, maximum safety during use.
5. High-tensile strength cast iron monoblock construction.
6. SAE O-Ring ports ensure solid seal and prevent blockages.
7. Capable of closed center or Power Beyond (conversion plug required).
8. Vertical or horizontal handle mount.
9. Used as motor or single-acting spool possible (#8 SAE port plug required).
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