Name and use habits of hydraulic motors in diferent regions


Hydraulic motor I believe that the hydraulic industry partners are not strange, compared with the electric motors it has the characteristics of low cost, safety, wide range of use, more and more energy conversion systems began to use more hydraulic motor to replace the electric motor. No matter what industry you are in, you should know something about hydraulic motors. This can not only help your business, but also help your friends.

The same hydraulic motor has different names in different regions, and different regions also have their favorite brands, such as:
Europe and Southeast Asia, call them hydraulic motor, Orbitrol, Geroler, Gerotor, common brands include Sauer Danfoss, Eaton, Parker, M+S, HANJIU
In North America, people like to use Low Speed High Torque Motor, Spool Valve Motors, Disc Valve Motors. Common brands include White, Parker, Danfoss, Eaton
Latin America likes to use Motor Hidraulico, Motores Hidraulicos and Motor Hidraulico. Common brands include Danfoss, Eaton, Parker and White


The above mentioned brands whether danfoss, parker, white, Eaton, these are the earliest industry leading role, is behind the m + s earliest danfoss alternative products, after recent years of development, m + s in Europe already have quite a number of users choose to use m + s instead of danfoss, on the one hand, because the price is cheaper, there are some on the one hand, is the time of delivery is fast.
With the passage of time, the market is constantly changing, and more and more alternative brands are gradually appearing in the market. The manufacturers are mainly in Asia, with good quality, low price and fast delivery, but they mainly meet the needs of light industry and agriculture accessories market, some of the OEM is not going to meet the demand for higher quality, engineering and heavy industry at the same time also have higher requirements to the quality of the substitute products, the market growing demand for quality and price, how to do both OEM quality, and competitive price become the top priority HANJIU people development.

   As the leading role in China's hydraulic motor manufacturing, Hanjiu Technology has been committed to the development and manufacturing of high quality hydraulic motors. After years of efforts and persistence, finally become a professional brand in the field of hydraulic motor manufacturing and export. Hanjiu is a young brand, but its professional requirements, pursuit of quality, establishment of reputation and development concept of long-term cooperation have never wavered and become increasingly firm.
Currently HanJiu company more than a dozen series hydraulic motor, thousands of different sizes, different flange and the shaft key installation of which come from different areas, different areas of the different customer group selection, the largest scope covers all the needs of customers, and we are still in the continuous research and development more new products, advancing with The Times to meet customer demand more.
We cooperate with customers all over the world, in various fields.In the process of understanding customer needs, I have learned that they have encountered a variety of problems with their partners, such as product performance is not up to standard, the process is not fine, the service life is short, the warranty is not fulfilled, and the delivery time is not stable, the price is not stable, and so on. These crucial links many manufacturers did not do a good job of service, resulting in their termination of cooperation.
Doesn't exist all the problems in HanJiu because HanJiu cooperation concept is long-term stability and mutually beneficial development, both sides is a business partner of cooperation, development partners, all of this is the basis of the good product quality assurance, there is only guaranteed quality, can be exempted for the customer complaints due to quality appraise, to save time and energy for the customer to design more development strategy, to establish a good image and reputation for customers, so as to promote sales, to attract the local market more high quality customers with more cooperation opportunities.
Now the mainstream hydraulic motor brands in each major market include Sauer Danfoss, White, Eaton Char-Lynn, Parker, M + S, HANJIU and so on, each with their own advantages. However, the reason why more and more partners choose Hanjiu is that we have the most complete product series, OEM quality, more competitive price, stable and fast delivery time, and fully fulfill the warranty in accordance with the contract.
If you have problems with hydraulic motors, or if you are looking for more OEM quality and competitive price partners, please contact us, we will be happy to serve you.
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