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The production and research and development of motors is an indispensable and important part of industrial development and the most basic power unit in production development. At present, the more advanced motor is hydraulic motor, there are many types of orbital hydraulic motors, of which the rail hydraulic motor is a disc valve rotary motor, using advanced disc type distribution flow design, which can provide better performance at low speed and high capacity to automatically compensate for wear, double tapered roller bearings allow high radial loads, which can be used for traction drive applications of heavy machinery. 


The rail hydraulic motor adopts a column-mounted stator and rotor design using roller bearings and track dynamics, which has higher oil distribution accuracy and mechanical efficiency. Rolling bearing design, can withstand higher lateral force, imported shaft seal design, withstand high back pressure, can be used in series and parallel with forward and reverse conversion direction is convenient, and the speed is stable. It has a variety of oil ports, output shafts, flanges and other connection forms.


Although imported orbital hydraulic motors, such as Danfoss series, Sam series, Vickers, etc., Yiyi Hydraulic Danfoss imported hydraulic motors, stable quality, excellent products in all aspects, and gradually mature and complete, but domestic hydraulic motors also have capable enterprises, can produce excellent rail hydraulic motors, comparable to foreign countries.


For example, Shijiazhuang Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd., which is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of BM series cycloid hydraulic motor and BZZ steering gear, its factory specializes in designing and producing any type of motor and steering gear required by customers, from large to small, from low displacement to high displacement. It can also replace Danfoss, Eaton, M+S series models.


Rail hydraulic motors are widely used in agricultural machinery, fishery machinery, plastic industry, mining and construction machinery, transmission and lifting equipment, etc. Ideal for low load applications such as plastic injection molding machines, cleaners, lawn mowers, winches, conveyors, slewing devices, cleaner drives, augers, cutters, lawn mowers and chippers. High-speed rotation is stable, small and lightweight, can be directly connected to the working machine, adapt to a variety of Iowa speed heavy-duty facilities.


 Shijiazhuang Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the tenet of integrity first and quality first. From the position of employees to raw materials, to factories, from parts processing and assembly consulting to product delivery, there is a relatively complete product quality system. And through CE certification, committed to establishing an international well-known brand, looking forward to long-term cooperation with more orbital hydraulic product demanders.


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