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Speaking of hydraulic directional valves, friends who are often engaged in industrial production, or general machine tools, die-casting machines, presses, injection molding machines, ships, industrial vehicles and other places can see its figure. Presumably, many friends are not unfamiliar with it, but here Hanjiu Technology still wants to make a brief introduction for you: hydraulic directional valves are divided into two-way, three-way, four-way and five-way according to the number of passages controlled by the directional valve. Apply the absolute activity of the valve core to make the oil circuit traffic, block or change the direction of oil flow, so that the hydraulic performance element and its driving mechanism bear, end or change the direction of movement. Hydraulic reversing valve When the valve core moves to the right at a certain interval, the pressure oil input by the hydraulic pump wins from the P port of the valve through the A port to the right cavity of the hydraulic cylinder, the oil in the right cavity of the hydraulic cylinder returns to the oil tank through the B port, and the piston of the hydraulic cylinder moves to the right; Conversely, if the spool moves to the right at a certain interval, the flow is reversed and the piston moves to the left, which also relies on this principle to work.


I believe that friends who watch this article are interested in or in demand for directional valves, it is not a secret, rail hydraulic motor is also one of the popular products of Hanjiu Technology, professional things are handed over to professional people to do, then the following by Hanjiu Technology to make some recommendations for you. At present, Hanjiu Technology operates more than 5,000 kinds of products, among the three types of directional valves, hydraulic steering units and rail hydraulic motors, directional valves are our most popular and outstanding products. Regarding the large category of reversing method, Hanjiu Technology has 2084 reversing valve products for you to choose to meet your needs with different performance and quality. Valves such as our 80L 2 Hdraulic Integral Control Valve, 3/4" Port Double Acting Spool, 3/8" BSP Port 40 L/min P40 Length P40 Valve, P40 Integral Valve, P40 Spool Valve, Ruud P40-7 Drain Valve and P40 Tractor Control Valve are well received by customers. If you are interested or have related needs, please visit our store website or official page, where our detail page will provide you with a detailed description of the product.


Of course, in terms of quality, Hanjiu Technology can also let you rest assured, our products from the procurement of raw materials to the process of processing and delivery, there is a complete production system, and before leaving the factory, we will conduct one-to-one inspection and verification of the products to ensure that the products delivered to you are perfect products that have been screened by us one by one. And compared with other products in the same industry, our products not only passed CE certification, but also various quality indicators are much higher than the standards required by the market. In terms of transportation, we will not let you have a tangle, we have 10 years of overseas export experience and more than 18 years of local market experience, we provide you with international express delivery, such as HDL, FedEx and TNT, as well as air and sea freight for your choice, according to your needs, we will recommend the best and most appropriate and cost-effective shipping method for you. If you have the intention to cooperate, our products will not disappoint you! Hope to become the most loyal partner with you, if you have any needs, you can also contact our customer service on the official page, we will serve you wholeheartedly 24 hours a day.



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