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There are many types of orbital hydraulic motors. The main markets of the motors produced by Hanjiu include construction, agriculture, traditional industry, metallurgy, mining, shipbuilding and gardening, etc. We rely on a strong global distribution network to sell our products to various fields. Countries and regions have consolidated a large number of partners by virtue of its durable and affordable features, and now you can experience the convenient experience provided by Hanjiu technology hydraulic motors in many places.


Not only is the product quality excellent, but the unit price of Hanjiu’s products is also the most cost-effective. For example, the BMR series motors we sell are small in size and economical. , high power and low weight. With advanced manufacturing equipment of cycloidal gear set, it has high efficiency and long life. Its shaft seal can withstand the high voltage of the motor. The motors can be used in parallel or in series. Through our advanced structural design, the weight of the motor is greatly reduced. The price of bmr series motors with many advantages can be said to be the lowest in the whole network. The specifications of this series of Hanjiu range from 50cc to 500cc. If your purchase quantity exceeds 100, you only need to pay 36 US dollars for each piece. You can compare them yourself The cost performance of each brand will definitely recognize Hanjiu Technology Company.


Of course, some readers may have purchased the orbital motor of Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd., so the next part will deliberately give you some points for attention in hydraulic system maintenance. No matter what brand or model of hydraulic pressure you are using, you can find out. It is recommended that the oil pressure of the hydraulic system should be replaced once a year, and the time for the first replacement should not exceed three months. The hydraulic system should be coated with anti-rust oil in daily use, the external surface of the oil tank should be kept clean, and the engine oil should be injected before each work. In principle, the pressure gauge needs to be checked and registered every six months. If the machine is out of use for a long time, the surface of each part of the machine should be cleaned and painted with anti-rust paint.


Finally, if there is a failure of the hydraulic system, it must be checked in time, so as to minimize the damage of the system. If you encounter difficult problems, please feel free to consult our contacts to obtain professional hydraulic solutions.



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