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Customers will think about what is suitable for their own use no matter what they buy. They need to be more careful when buying hydraulic products. Since most of these products are high-precision products, there may be some problems if they are used in inappropriate situations. Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. suggests that you choose orbital motors from the following aspects.

The model is selected according to the flow rate. The flow rate of the hydraulic motor refers to the volume injected within one minute when the hydraulic oil is injected into the motor. The flow is a measure of the value of hydraulic oil. Failure to pay attention to the flow injection will cause motor explosion. Therefore, the appropriate hydraulic motor should be selected first according to the flow of hydraulic oil.

The selection is based on the pressure. The hydraulic oil injection motor will drive the motor to rotate, so a certain pressure is required. The pressure will affect the driving force of the hydraulic motor at this time. Therefore, the pressure factor should be considered when selecting the model. The pressure is generated by the load, not by the motor, so a pressure gauge is required to test. The range of the pressure gauge is selected according to the rated pressure of the hydraulic system, Pay attention to the range of the pressure gauge when selecting the model.

The model is selected according to the speed. The speed of the hydraulic motor is the basis for measuring the speed of the motor output, which will affect the use efficiency of the motor. The speed is generally set according to the operating speed of the equipment, but generally there will be a stable speed value for customers to refer to when selecting the model, so the speed should also be referred to when selecting the model.

The model selection shall be based on the torque. The reliable hydraulic motor shall also refer to the torque of the motor when selecting the model. The motor will provide as much torque as the driving load requires. If the torque factor is not referred to, overload will occur when the load is too large and the motor cannot provide, resulting in the inability to work.

These directions are the basis for the selection of hydraulic motors with stable performance. The selection should be based on its own needs and combined with the technical indicators of the motor. Therefore, a comprehensive analysis should be carried out before the selection to select the appropriate model. Of course, after considering the above aspects, it will be more perfect to choose according to the economy and durability. If you think these steps are troublesome, you can fill in your needs and expectations according to the inquiry page of Hanjiu Technology Company, and our professionals will recommend them to you, which will save more time and energy. Because the hydraulic motor can give consideration to the power utilization and working effect, it can ensure the long-term development of its own interests to choose a motor that meets its own economic situation.

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