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So to speak machine tool industry is one of the industries that first used hydraulic technology. At present, although the development of AC frequency conversion technology in motor drive technology has made motor drive recapture many applications of hydraulic drive, hydraulic system is still widely used in high-power drive or reciprocating motion occasions. The hydraulic system has been more and more widely used in various industrial departments, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery and many other departments, and the more advanced equipment, the more parts of the hydraulic system will be used.

Hydraulic systems are widely used in paper making, textile, plastic, rubber and other light industries, paper machines, textile machines, injection molding machines, rubber briquetting machines and other mechanical equipment. In heavy industries such as mining, petroleum, metallurgy and pressure processing, the hydraulic system has become a favorite in engineering activities because it can transfer a lot of energy and the weight of equipment is relatively small compared with other transmission methods. For example, hydraulic systems on mine supports, oil drilling platforms, blast furnace roof equipment, billet continuous casting machines, strip rolling mill screwdown systems, presses, fast forging machines and other equipment are widely used. Hydraulic system is also an important part of other industries such as electric power, construction, water conservancy, transportation, shipping, aviation and automobile. As for aerospace, military and other departments that widely use advanced technology, hydraulic systems are widely used.

As a manufacturer specializing in the research and production of hydraulic systems in the hydraulic field, Hanjiu Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is deeply touched by these phenomena and has been working hard to make the hydraulic system more convenient for people's work. This article brings you a best-selling orbital hydraulic motor, BMS rail hydraulic motor. This kind of motor with disc valve is a high torque low-speed hydraulic motor, which can withstand high efficiency work in various environments. When making, we took into account the use cost, so our engineers used very durable materials to produce them, making their service life longer, thus reducing the use cost of customers. In addition, BM motor has wide speed range, high starting torque, stable high-speed rotation, small size, light weight, and can be directly connected with working machinery, which is most suitable for various low-speed and heavy-duty equipment. Hanjiu believes that people who need and buy this kind of motor will praise it.

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