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Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. was established specifically for the development of hydraulic system solutions. So far, it has formed a very complete product quality system. The biggest highlight of Hanjiu is that it can 100% replace the original parts of major manufacturers and sell them at low prices. The Orbitrol Motor produced by Hanjiu has high safety and durability. Low noise, high voltage, high power-to-weight ratio and its wide control range are ideal for various industrial equipment and vehicle equipment products.


Hanjiu hydraulic rail motor BMK6 series is specially manufactured to replace Eaton CHAR-LYNN 6000 (CHAR-LYNN 6K), Danfoss OMS, M+S MS series, for example, the motor model BMK6-800-CCHSF6 has a displacement of 800 Cm, assembled square flange size 4x13.5; Pilot: 127x12.5mm, installation distance 161.9mm, shaft: spline 8-42x36x7; ports 3/4", 8X3/8-16UNC, drain 7 /16-20 UNF, the whole motor is covered with high-grade blue paint, which can prevent it from rusting to the greatest extent. The motor uses an advanced gear set design with disc splitter and high pressure. In multifunctional operation, the motor provides the unit with individual variants depending on the application requirements. All parts of Hanjiu are manufactured with advanced equipment. The precision of the finished motor is high, and the starting pressure is low, the operation is stable and reliable, and the efficiency is high. The output shaft is suitable for tapered roller bearings allowing high axial and radial forces. Its housing also provides high pressure and high torque capabilities in a wide range of applications. The advanced disc flow distribution design equipped by Hanjiu technicians enables them to automatically compensate during operation and has high volumetric efficiency.


If you are selling or using a big brand of hydraulic motors, you can definitely try Hanjiu's products, so that you can enjoy high-quality services while reducing costs. It is worth mentioning that, in order to ensure that the uniqueness of each customer can be taken care of, Hanjiu also provides some customized services. If necessary, you can send an email or call for help. We provide hydraulically driven engines and all accessories for hydraulic systems for agricultural machinery, factories and other transportation machinery. We provide the most accurate and long-lasting solutions for customers' needs and expectations, and put customer satisfaction in the first place. We hope to establish friendship and cooperation with you win-win.


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