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In the previous article, we talked about the structural characteristics of the steering valve. Let's learn about the hydraulic motor with Hanjiu. Friends who understand the industry of hydraulic machinery should know Eaton motors, which are world-renowned for their high quality. BMH 500 of HANJIU is used to replace Eaton 151 h 1006 track motor. As a professional Original Equipment Manufacturer, the replacement products produced by Hanjiu are not inferior to the original products in all aspects.


Most users regard the motor as a component that outputs torque under a certain pressure, so they pay more attention to torque (that is, mechanical) efficiency, but the motor usually reaches the highest pressure at zero or very low speed. The BMH 500 Orbitrol Motor has a wide rev range. The advanced Geroler gear set design is adopted, equipped with shaft flow distribution, which can automatically compensate for high-pressure operation, reliable and stable operation, high efficiency and long service life. The equipment for manufacturing Gerolor gear sets is the most advanced at present, and the finished product has low starting pressure, stable and reliable operation, and high efficiency. The shaft seal can withstand high back pressure, and the motors can be used in parallel or in series. The special design of the drive connector can greatly extend the service life. However, it should be noted that after a long period of idle time, the motor will experience a sudden change in temperature when it starts to work, so it is recommended not to idle for too long. The special design of its power distribution system can meet the requirements of low noise of the unit. Adopting compact design technology, it is small in size and easy to install. Concrete pump/truck mixer spare parts, hydraulic rotary, hydraulic log splitter, engineering mining equipment, etc. can all use it.


The above are some features of BMH 500 Orbitrol Motor. In addition to replacing Eaton, it can also adapt to Danfoss OMH500 and M+S MH500. I hope it will be helpful to everyone after reading. For more detailed parameter introduction, please go to the official store details page of Hanjiu to learn more.


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