Orbitrol Steering Unit


This article mainly introduces Hanjiu's 101S series steering gear, which is one of Hanjiu's most popular product types. It has four functions: ON (open center non-reaction), CN (close center non-reaction) ), OR (open center reaction) and LS (load sensing). Due to its excellent performance and super cost-effectiveness, the sales have been very impressive since the launch.


101S series orbitrol steering unit inherit the steering function of 101 series in structure and principle. The characteristics of the 101S series are that on the basis of the 101 series, according to everyone's feedback and Hanjiu's innovative research, the product structure has been completely improved, and all functions of safety valve, shock valve, suction valve and check valve are integrated. Within a single housing, this transformation allows for a more compact appearance and easier handling. It can be used for steering system of ship steering, off-road vehicle, loader, road roller, crawler, Sany, Liugong, construction machinery and other special mobile machinery.


This kind of products produced by Hanjiu Technology can be replaced with Danfoss, Eaton, M+S and other brands. The advantage is that the price is favorable and the quality is no different. Can replace tractors such as John Deere, New Holland and other harvesters, as well as steering valves for Linde, Crown, Toyota, Komatsu forklifts. In general, Hanjiu power steering can replace many brands, such as Eaton, Charlynn, Danfooss, John Deere, Class, Massey Ferguson and many other brands that are common on original equipment machinery, and they produce steering gears that perform well with some well-known There is no difference in the performance of products produced by internationally renowned brands. This feature is not only unique to the track steering device, the hydraulic motors and other products they produce also have the advantage of completely replacing well-known hydraulic brands. Because Shijiazhuang Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of BM series cycloid hydraulic motors and BZZ steering gears. Their factory has many high-quality and professional engineering and technical personnel. Introducing the most advanced production equipment, it is the largest factory from northern China, with a very high annual output. Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and production of all types of motors and steering gears on the market. The specifications range from large to small, and levels from low to high. You can find them in their products, which are widely used in construction machinery, mining machinery , metallurgical machinery, petroleum machinery, agricultural machinery, injection molding machinery, fishing machinery and other fields.


With the tenet of "integrity first, quality first", Hanjiu has its own set of independent and perfect product quality system from the entry of employees, the entry of raw materials into the factory, from parts processing, assembly suggestions to products, and the products have passed the Chinese standards. National certification, they are committed to building an international well-known brand, and look forward to long-term cooperation with hydraulic product customers who have more demand. For this reason, their company has the most humanized service, and reduces their own profits to bring customers greater benefits discount.



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