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Are you interested in buying a square p40 directional control valve? Do you want to learn more about control valves? This article is sure to meet your needs.


The directional control valve is a control element used to change the flow direction of the gas in the pipeline, which is widely used in various pipeline constructions, such as natural gas regional transportation, gas laboratory research applications, etc. In practical applications, directional control valves can be divided into several categories according to different needs. Among them, the one-way directional control valve is a directional control valve that only allows the airflow to flow in one direction, such as one-way valve, shuttle valve, double-pressure valve, etc.; the reversing directional control valve is a directional control valve that can change the direction of airflow. , referred to as reversing valve; according to the control method can also be divided into solenoid valve, mechanical valve, air control valve, human control valve


Today's protagonist, the p40 directional control valve, uses a brake spool valve, which is a hydraulic single valve. Compared with the ordinary one-way valve, the hydraulic control one-way valve has the function of an ordinary one-way valve, and only needs to be connected to the remote control port. The control oil is controlled by a certain pressure, and the liquid flow can also pass through in the reverse direction. In engineering applications, two hydraulic control check valves are commonly used to form a hydraulic lock. Therefore, the use effect of the hydraulic check valve will be much better than that of the ordinary check valve, and the manufacturing requirements are also higher.


The P40 series medium and high pressure integral structure valve is a technology developed on the basis of Europe. It is an upgrade to the old version of the control valve, so the performance is better. The specific structure of this machine is as follows:


1. Internal check valve: The check valve in the valve body is to ensure that the hydraulic oil is not polluted and has been returned.

2. Internal safety valve: The safety valve in the valve body can adjust the working pressure of the hydraulic system.

3. Control mode: manual control, pneumatic control, hydraulic and electric control are available.

4. Valve structure: single structure, 1-7 rods.

5..Option: Hydraulic lock can be added on A and B ports.

6. Available manual, pneumatic control, electric and pneumatic control, hydraulic and electric

control etc.


Specifically, the advantages of the p40 directional control valve are as follows:


1. Small size, light structure, light weight, simple operation, safe and reliable;

2. The number of working groups can be increased as needed, up to 7 spools.

3. Complete configuration of primary and secondary relief valves; opening pressure can be adjusted according to customer requirements;

4. The series-parallel structure and the external load holding valve ensure that the actuator with high load will not fall off during operation.

5. Modules with different functions on the valve group can realize the switching of single pump and double pump, improve work efficiency and save energy.


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