p80 monoblock valves price list


Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of hydraulic products for more than ten years and has rich production experience. It produces at least 500,000 hydraulic products and hydraulic product parts every year. It is also a manufacturer and exporter of integral valves and integral directional control valves. The p80 monoblock valves produced by Hanjiu is a medium and high pressure integral structure valve developed on the basis of Europe. On the basis of inheriting the advantages of European technology, the unreasonable parts have been rationally transformed. Thereby raising the quality of the valve to a new level. Hanjiu has made the following modifications to the product:


1. Internal check valve: The check valve in the valve body is to ensure that the hydraulic oil is not polluted and has been returned.

2. Internal safety valve: The safety valve in the valve body can adjust the working pressure of the hydraulic system.

3. Oil circuit: parallel circuit, power overrun option.

4. Control mode: manual control, pneumatic control, hydraulic and electric control are available.

5. Available manual, pneumatic control, electric and pneumatic control, hydraulic and electric control, etc.


The reconstructed 80 monoblock valves are not only small in size, light in structure, light in weight, easy to operate, safe and reliable;And the number of working groups can be increased as needed, up to 7 spools; at the same time, the complete configuration of the primary and secondary relief valves, the opening pressure can be adjusted according to customer requirements; the series-parallel structure and external load holding valve ensure that the load is relatively high. The tall actuator will not drop during operation; the modules with different functions on the valve group can realize the switching of single pump and double pump, improve work efficiency and save energy consumption.


The 80 monoblock valves produced by Hanjiu have a very high cost performance. Take the 1-spool integral directional control valve p80 as an example, when the purchase quantity is 55-99 pieces, the price is $35 each, but if you purchase more than For 100 pieces, the price will become $21, an average saving of $14 per product! What a great business! Hanjiu Company produces 80 monoblock valves of various specifications, with different specifications and different prices. But what can be guaranteed is that no matter what kind of 80 monoblock valves, Hanjiu's products have absolute advantages in price. Hanjiu always insists on making profits for dealers and customers, insisting on small profits but quick turnover. If you have the idea of ​​purchasing in large quantities, there is absolutely nothing wrong with looking for Hanjiu. This move will save you a lot of money. If you have special needs for products, you can also contact Hanjiu. Hanjiu has a professional R&D team that can customize products according to your specific needs. All products produced meet international standards and can be used for many years.


If you want to compare prices or buy related products, please visit Hanjiu's official website: www.hjhydraulic.com and look forward to cooperating with you.



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chief p80 hydraulic valve

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