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Valves are very common in various industrial activities and are known as "pipe throats". Choosing a high-quality valve is very important for industrial production, because in actual production, the valve may have problems of one kind or another. Once the valve fails, the entire mechanical device may also be paralyzed. Due to valve performance and Leakage, production stoppage and major accidents caused by quality problems have brought immeasurable losses to the normal operation of industrial production, personal safety, property, etc. It is imperative to strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of valves.


During normal use, the valve may have problems as follows:


1. Leakage at the packing

2. Leakage at the gasket

3. Leakage at the sealing surface

4. The closing piece falls off

5. The valve stem is not flexible

6. Body and bonnet leakage

7. The action is ineffective or ineffectiv


p80 valves are a very common valve on the market. There are too many problems that may occur during the use of p80 valves. Among these problems, a small number of simple problems are solved by self-maintenance, but because the valves are high-precision valves For equipment products, when there is a problem with the valve, it is not recommended to repair it yourself, because most people lack relevant professional knowledge, and it is likely to cause secondary damage to the valve during the unauthorized repair process. The best way to avoid these troubles is to buy a high-quality valve product first.


The second is to contact professional maintenance workers or choose the after-sales service of the valve production company.


Hanjiu produces at least 800,000 pieces of valve products every year. Because of their high quality and low price, they have a large number of loyal users in the international market. Hanjiu has a professional research and development team, they have been committed to the higher-end production of valve products, and constantly improve valve production technology, all of which are to deliver the highest quality products to customers. In order to improve the customer's experience and reduce the problems encountered by customers in the process of use, Hanjiu also provides very detailed after-sales service. No matter what problems you encounter, you can get answers. Loyal customers who choose Hanjiu Technology are full of praise for this service of Hanjiu, because it saves them a lot of trouble.


If you have a problem with your p80 valves or want to buy a valve, come to Hanjiu's official website: www.hjhydraulic.com and have a look. Hanjiu's official website has various types of valves, you can find any valve products you need on it . If your needs are very special, you can also contact Hanjiu, and Hanjiu will customize special valve products for you according to your needs to ensure your satisfaction. The p80 valves produced by Hanjiu are not expensive, between $44-55.



p80 hydraulic valve

p80 valve

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chief p80 valve

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p80 monoblock valve


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