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If you are shopping for sectional control valve, but there is too much information on various networks, you can read this article, this article recommends the most popular one in the market for you.

The 19L series sectional control valve is the most cost-effective and popular valve in our company. It integrates the shear action of the knife gate valve, the control characteristics of the globe valve and the sealing performance of the ball valve. The following are its specific features:

1. It adopts a unique disc design with high range and high flow capacity to provide excellent control valve performance.

2. The 19 series sectional control valve also provides excellent sealing performance for switch applications, the elastic seat type can provide class VI sealing performance, and the metal seat type trim can provide class IV sealing performance. In addition, we utilize proprietary advanced coating technology and apply it to the internal components of the valve, which provides higher hardness and bond strength than other commonly used coating technologies throughout the industry. The versatile design combined with advanced trims makes it suitable for high abrasion slurries and harsh service applications that often cause corrosion problems with conventional valves. If you use our product, you can make less frequent inspections, saving you time and trouble. In addition, if the valve core is seriously damaged, it should be replaced immediately, and attention should also be paid to whether the valve stem has a similar phenomenon, or the connection with the valve core is loose. We have the  matching parts.

3. The valve has excellent control valve performance and provides the precision, functions and options required by a wide range of applications and industries.

4. We offer customization features, and the trailing edge of the Series 19 sectional control valve provides a customizable V-profile for precise characterization of flow control that rivals the performance of globe valves with a 300:1 range.

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