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Sectional directional control valves is one of the indispensable and important equipment of enterprises, affected by working conditions, often corrosion, cavitation, erosion, wear and other phenomena, resulting in equipment failure. Many companies can only choose to constantly buy new valves, and scrap a large number of old valves, resulting in a large waste of funds. We are a Hanjiu company from China, we have introduced the world's top level of production technology, we produce sectional directional control valves with high precision, a wide range of types, and are very durable. Below I will introduce two different models of sectional directional control valves.

1. RS 160 
RS160 is a sectional directional control valve based on the open-center principle with electro-hydraulic operation. The open segmented directional control valve RS160 features a flow-optimized valve design, compact dimensions and low weight, and a wide range of connection options for pumps and tanks. It is suitable for constant and load sensing pumps, symmetrical sections (the inlet plate can be placed to the left or right), its modular design up to 10 working sections: electro-hydraulic proportional operation type (with/without handle) and shock/cavitation protection valves for the protection of actuators. Its specific technical data are as follows: its maximum pressure is 250 bar, its maximum flow rate is 60 l/min at the pump port and 60 l/min at the working port.

2. RS 210
It is designed for maximum working pressures up to 300 bar and maximum pump flows up to 70 l/min. The RS 210 has 1 to 10 working sections per valve assembly. The valve can be used in different systems for parallel and series circuits. It is designed with an open center for fixed and variable displacement pumps. The valve can be operated manually, with a cable or via pneumatic and electropneumatic or electrohydraulic remote controls. RS 210 has excellent operating characteristics because we have specially designed spools for different applications. Its technical parameters are as follows: The maximum working pressure per port is P1, P2, P3, P4 - 300 bar; T1, T2, T3, T4 - 20 bar。 The maximum allowable flow rate for P1, P2 ingress types is A, B, C, E - 50 l/min, P1, P4 ingress types are Q - 70 l/min.

Hanjiu are valve experts. Our sectional directional control valves are designed to seal at full differential pressure while directing media flow to avoid the seat to the ball seal area for extended life. In addition, we apply high-performance dense materials to the valve's internal components to ensure a long service life and corrosion resistance.

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