Hydraulic Monoblock Directional Control Valve


Hydraulic Mono block Solenoid Control Valve, 3 Spool, 13 GPM, 12V DC is a type of Hydraulic Mono block Directional Control Valve. This valve starts and stops the fluid flowing into the hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor. The number of cylinders or motors that a control valve can operate depends on the number of spools on the valve. The flow rate listed shows the maximum allowable GPM (gallons per minute) that can pass through the valve. A common example of a hydraulic control valve is a loading valve on a tractor. Our integral valves have more power than capacity (requires power SKU beyond adapter sleeve: P40-PB) and the ability to operate as a closed valve (requires closed heart plug SKU: P40-CC).

We have two spools to choose from, one is A Spool (Controls Double Acting Cylinders),all spools are double acting with spring return to neutral position, A spool is designed to control double acting cylinders. A and B ports are closed to Tank in neutral position. The other is D Spool (Motor Control),All spools are double acting with spring return to neutral position, D spool works for non-load holding applications such as motors and horizontal cylinders. A and B ports are open to Tank in neutral position.

The advantages of our hydraulic mono block directional control valve are as follows:
1. Precision ground and hard chrome-plated spools assure a long life. More durable, it can save you money for constantly replacing the valve.
2. SAE O-Ring ports ensure solid seal and prevent blockages, the user experience is better
3. Used for open center systems (Pump to Tank Flow)
4. Capable of closed center or Power Beyond (conversion plug required)
5. Adjustable Relief Valve Range:  1500 to 3625 PSI.

If you need it, please refer to the guide below to make a purchase.
1. Operate hydraulic cylinders (Double-Acting or Single-Acting): Grapples (Tilt/Raise Cylinders), Box Blade (Height Adjustment)
2. Operate hydraulic motors (“D” Spool Required): Brush Cutter, Snow Blower
3. Install rear remotes on a tractor
4. Operate Winches (“A” Spool)
5. Raise/Lower Dump Truck Bed (“A” Spool)
6. Operate Cylinders for Snow Plows (“A” Spools)

If you really don't know how to choose, please contact our customer service, provide your specific use needs, our thousands of original application and technical experts will select the most suitable device for you, to assist you to quickly complete the purchase, achieve the best function, the best price, the best supply, to achieve the best components and solutions selection.

In addition, if you have special needs and our above products cannot meet your needs, please contact us. We can modify our products according to your specifications to provide you with specially customized valves.

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