Smallest hydraulic motor


With the development of the economy, there are more and more scenarios for the use of various machinery, and hydraulic motors are required for all kinds of vehicles, production machines and common elevators in life. In the process of manufacturing hydraulic motors, Hanjiu is also constantly making technical improvements, for example, in order to pursue making hydraulic motors lighter and more durable, Hanjiu Technology's technicians make the volume of some hydraulic motors smaller through more reasonable structural design.


Take BMM series hydraulic motors, although they are not smallest hydraulic motors, they are small compared to ordinary motors of the same model of other brands, so they are very convenient to install. Also featuring an advanced Geroler gear set design, shaft flow is automatically compensated for in high-pressure operation, and according to our pre-factory test data, they fully provide smooth, reliable condition and high efficiency during operation. The shaft seal of the BMM motor can withstand the high pressure of the back, they themselves can be used in parallel or series, and the drive connector of the motor Hanjiu adopts a special design, which can greatly extend its service life. In addition, the special design of the motor power distribution system also meets the low noise requirements of the unit. The maximum speed is 2000 rpm, which is the smallest and highest speed motor in the Orbital Motor series


All in all, Hanjiu Technology has carried out technological innovation in view of the problems existing in the previous motors, so that some troubled problems in the use process have been effectively solved. In order to reflect our sincerity and professionalism, Hanjiu company will always provide the best quality products at a reasonable price, to form a price and quality comparative advantage, because we are committed to developing the most cost-effective hydraulic and other related products on the market, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of the motor, Hanjiu Technology Hydraulic Company in line with integrity first, quality first for the purpose, from employee entry, raw materials into the factory, from parts processing, assembly solutions to products, have a relatively perfect product quality system, and passed CE certification, Committed to establishing an internationally renowned brand, looking forward to your purchase!


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