Specific Introduction Of High Torque Hydraulic Motor


The ultra-large torque hydraulic motor is suitable for low-speed, high-torque working conditions, and its torque exceeds 2300N·m. The performance characteristics are mainly manifested in the following aspects:


1. High torque density: the output torque is much higher than the power density, which can greatly improve the working efficiency and load capacity of the equipment.


2. Low speed: The output speed of the hydraulic motor is low, and the speed of the shaft head is generally between 20~2000rpm, which is suitable for low speed and high torque conditions.


3. Stable movement: The hydraulic motor has self-limiting and automatic characteristics, which makes the equipment move smoothly, can effectively avoid shock and vibration, and achieve better working conditions.


4. Strong reversibility: The hydraulic motor has the characteristics of strong reversibility. It is very stable whether it is starting or braking, and it can quickly change the direction of motion under load and no load.


As a widely used motor, the ultra-high torque hydraulic motor is widely used in construction machinery, metallurgy, mining, oil field exploration and mining and other fields. According to the passage of time, people's technology for motors is becoming more and more sophisticated:


1. Improve efficiency: The focus of research on ultra-high-torque hydraulic motors is to improve their working efficiency to meet the needs of motors in various working conditions.


2. Reduce the size: The smaller the size of the hydraulic motor, the wider the application range. The future trend is to design hydraulic motors that are smaller, lighter, and have higher output power.


3. Environmental protection: The application environment of hydraulic motors has attracted more and more attention. Minimizing the pollution and damage of hydraulic motors to the environment is the direction of future technological development.


Next, please allow us to introduce Hanjiu's products to you: BMS track hydraulic motor with disc valve.


The BM hydraulic motor is a high torque Iow speed hydraulic motor with high efficiency and long life. The BM motor has a wide speed range, high starting torque, stable high-speed rotation, compact and light weight, can be directly connected to the working machine, and is suitable for various Iowa speed and heavy-duty facilities.


BM hydraulic motors are widely used in agricultural machinery, fishing machinery, plastic industry, mining and construction machinery.


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